Microbe Explorers

Microbe Explorers: A new initiative by students to students

Microbe Explorers, or perhaps Generation II MicroWriters, is the latest initiative by Faculty of Pharmacy-Cairo University (FOPCU) students.

The initiative started by a small group of third year students, who got interested in having research-based learning experience, and found that microbiology is the ideal topic to start such an effort. Because of the extension of the midyear vacation, those students decided to spend some time of their extended vacation to prepare for the second semester by exploring the lifestyles, pathogenesis, and genomics  of microbes that they selected.

The preliminary explorations will be published and linked here one after another. None of the contributions is assumed to be comprehensive or impeccable; it’s just a first step towards a research-based learning experience.

Current drafts:

  • Escherichia coli, by Soha elNady (PDF)
  • Staphylococcus epidermidis, by Samar Mahmoud (PDF)
  • “Five Bacteria” (an impressive presentation, yet still draft), by Farouk Ahmed & Ahmed Hassan (PDF)



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