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Yesterday, I was watching an episode of “The Doctors” where they were talking about a new study that completely amazed me…It was carried out at the Karolinska Institutet & the findings come in favor of men, mostly!! They found a link between a person’s genetic makeup & their relationship status. I have to admit that is pretty interesting.

The gene studied was AVPR1A, which actually has to do with one of the receptors for ADH, predisposes men to make unhealthy decisions, when it comes to relationships, once they have the allele 334. That is how it got its name, which it is pretty much now famous for as “The Commitment Gene”. Presence of two copies makes matter even worse…It is funny once you start thinking hmm..and how did they discover that!! The study was carried out on 550 sets of twins where they had to complete a survey evaluating their life in general & specifically when it comes to relationships..whether they are married, divorced, not ready to commit yet..

Luckily for the ladies, these genes can’t really dictate what a person does because that is all about his choices…but after all, it would be added on to the growing pile of excuses :). I wonder in the future if women would ask their future spouses to first undergo an examination and search for that gene…Who knows what the future might bring us!

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