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What could the two possibly have in common? Surprisingly, deep within the human genetic code, researchers have discovered a previously un-noticed gene that encodes a DNA-binding protein which closely resembles proteins produced by archaea bacteria. The gene, named hSSB1, was cloned to obtain sufficient hSSB1 protein closely resembles SSB protein illustrated hereamounts of the protein for analysis.

Studies have shown that this protein attaches to single stranded pieces of DNA. “Red marks shown in the picture indicate areas of attachment to the DNA”. Furthermore, it activates the production of other proteins which indicate the occurence of damage in that specific area of the genetic material. Cells deficient in this gene are more liable to DNA damage & eventually die at a faster rate.

Now, researchers are faced with the challenge of understanding the exact mechanism of how it signals the damage of the DNA & determining the roles, if any do exist, in the development of cancer.

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