Aethlon Medical has developed a new device called Hemopurifier® which acts a lot like the usual hemodialysis machine used in patients with end-stage renal disease but targets a different kind of particle within the blood, it captures viruses! The machine uses thin filters to capture & remove viruses from the blood. This requires an artery to act as an entry point of the blood to the machine, where it is filtered, and then sent back to the body, only cleaner.

The whole blood circulation passes through the machine almost once every 8 minutes. The entire process itself requires a few hours. Needless to say, this might prove to be revolutionary in the treatment of all sorts of viral infections: measles, mumps, hepatitis, west-nile virus, smallpox, HIV, avian flu, even the seemingly harmless human flu..just to name a few.

The device has already received a lot of attention & was in fact awarded. In a pre-clinical study, an astonishing 99.4% of H5N1 flu virus, as verified by real-time PCR,  was eliminated from the patient’s blood within an operating time of 6 hours.

This state-of-the-art device functions through using antibodies to capture viruses & toxins before their actual attack on the human organs. Patients can even be started on the machine before the physicians find out the cause of the disease. 

Source: ScienceDaily

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10 Responses to “Capture that virus!!!”
  1. When I read your post, I remembered “Arachnophobia”, the man with tank on his back purifying houses from spiders?!
    I guess this can limit spread to other organs/ to other people big time. I always say : “It’s all about physical methods”
    What are they gonna do with all those viruses anyway?

  2. good question mariam, it is probably considered biohazardous waste & disposed 🙂
    u know for fear that it might find its way to the wrong hands

  3. Why not sequence them! That’s a perfect metagenome. If they sequence the caught viruses every week, that would be very informative about viral evolution. I assume some viruses will mutate as well to evade these devices. Let’ see!

  4. and much more affordable as they wouldn’t have to travel around the world either 🙂

  5. Bless League says:

    I think this hemopurifier will ease the way of viral identification & cure …Assuming wat’s inside the device is only a solution containg mixture of antibodies then such identification won’t be accurate enough……. If we imagine the inside of this device as a row of chips thousands of very thin ones each holding certain antibody..& we can attach to it a radioactive element so that when it captures the virus it can emerge light or sth.then identify the virus at once & fight it……..Who knows!!

  6. Do you mean use the device to identify the viruses & once that has been achieved, we can combat it with the already known pharmaceutical agents? I guess that would be a good employ both techniques, both physical and medical.

  7. what is the producer company for this hemopurifier? and where are its distributors in the middle east??????

  8. hi
    i wanna know also what is its cost if we wanna import it to egypt???????

  9. plz i wanna the answers soo fast

  10. I think it is better maitotta that you contact Aethlon Medical “the producer company” themselves for your inquiries

    good luck

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