South Djoum ChimpIf you try to search in the library or over the internet for AIDS, you will find a huge amount of information available. You will also figure out that all scientists reach a dead end at the step of treating or vaccinating against AIDS. Their stop makes you never stop thinking: why can’t they continue? Why is there no cure for such a disease? Or at least why can’t they stop the progress of this illness by simply making a vaccine? It is like reading the same book millions of times without understanding its end, then you re-read the last chapters but still “YOU CAN’T”!!

I think that we need to restart reading the book from its beginning. We need to re-read about the origin of AIDS infections, to know more about HIV genome, and how its genes function; then we may know how to slow down or terminate progression of the virus inside the human body or at least to stop its passage from an individual to another. Hence, we may be able to read the book again and this time we can understand its end.

AIDS was initially reported on June 5th, 1981. But, it is more precise to mention the first documented AIDS case, which was in 1959. At that time, no one was able to define such an illness; however, scientists did a favor for the humankind by preserving the infected tissues till someone would be able to define HIV, i.e. after 1981. I may ask why not before 1959? But who can answer a question like this?

The origin of AIDS has so many controversial theories, including conspiracy theories. One of these is that HIV arose as a result of leakage in the US governmental or military labs during the development of a biological weapon. You may ask Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz (the author of Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola. Nature, Accident or Intentional? And Death in the Air: Globalism, Terrorism and Toxic Warfare) for evidence to prove such an idea. As wikipedia page of ” AIDS origins opposed to scientific consensus” mentions his theory which claims that AIDS virus was engineered by such U.S. Government defense contractors as Litton industries for the purposes of bio-warfare and “population control”.

Dr. Alan Cantwell (the author of AIDS and the Doctors of Death) supported this theory, by naming one scientist that led the US military research on homosexual and bisexual men between 1979 and 1981; he attributed these research activities to Dr. Wolf Szmuness. And, when Dr. Alan was asked about the cases that were reported before 1979, his answer was that the American media masked the truth at that time! This has been also mentioned on “AIDS origins opposed to scientific consensus” Wikipedia webpage.

Another unreliable hypothesis had been advanced by Edward Hooper, as he accused Hilary Koprowski, the polish virologist and immunologist who was preparing polio vaccine using tissue cultures from non-human primates during 1950s, that he might have transferred AIDS from monkeys to human. This idea couldn’t be evidenced when one of these vaccine vials had been checked in 2000 to show negative HIV or SIV (Simian immune-deficiency virus that infects chimpanzees). Also, by checking the protocols of that old research, it is clear they were working on monkeys’ kidney cells that cannot transmit AIDS. But can one negative vial become a prove for the whole negativity?!

The most accepted and recent theory assumes that HIV is an evolution from SIV. This Cameroon Chimpanzees theory was suggested in 2006 after a study on genetic samples from more than 1300 chimpanzees within 7 years by Dr. Beatrice Hahn. It seems that one person had been bitten by one of these apes or got cut while he or she was trying to slaughter one of these animals, maybe for eating purposes!!

If this Chimpanzee in the picture is the main suspect now for HIV triggering on earth, the question now is: Do we have current reports for the same transmission from apes to human? If yes or no, I think we need to re-study and search that SIV which might tell us something about its “daughter” HIV (as accepted by most of the scientists). It is like reading the book from its beginning not the last chapters, sure it will tell us new things.. Like what? I really dont know, it may be like the first idea that led to inventing the nuclear bomb, would you believe me if I told you more than 60 years ago that there is an idea to bombard the nucleus to make a huge bomb? It was just an idea, but the know how was not known. I think it is the same for the AIDS book: we need to re-read but we still don’t know what is going to happen after that reading. All I know that we need to re-read with a new vision, not the same ordinary way of reading.

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7 Responses to “AIDS: re-reading the whole book, not the last chapters..!!”
  1. Hosam allam says:

    Few days ago…I asked my self the same question…Why there is no vaccine up till now!!!
    The same for HCV…No vaccine…

  2. i think we need a new vision to see these viruses in a different way, then we might have some answers, also different we have to stare, keep looking at them coz we may find out something new and valuable..

  3. Ehab Mahdy Saeed says:

    I have to admit that I have been totally impressed and fascinated by this article, but some people may wounder about my fascination and still the article gave no answer to most of the puzzles of AIDS!
    But what the article did (or precisely the writer of the article), is that he has opened new vistas of ways of thinking to solve AIDS mystery by re-reading the whole story of AIDS from the beginning and taking nothing (of the theories) for granted, but try to delve into the events and incidents of the whole story with a scientific approach and by doing these steps I am sure that one or more of the talented and innovative scientists will find the correct answers to many questions and at that point he (she) might reflect back to the writer of this article (Mr Abo Bakr) and gives him due thanks.
    Now I want to end my comment by thanking Mr Abo Bakr again for his simple, inovative and wounderful approach on shedding light on AIDS.

  4. Adam Whitely says:

    Excuse me. You have missed entirely the actual origin of AIDS – more to the point, the transfer for SIV to humans from chimpanse, in that you are repeating the politically correct ‘pseudo-scientific’ DOGMA of the medical/research community. If it were ALLOWED TO BE PRESENTED IN A COURT OF LAW, the OVP theory would prove corrrect.

    You have only ADDED to the dogma.

    Adam Whitely
    AIDS surviging Los Angeles

  5. Dear Adam Whitely,

    this post, and all posts in this blog, are mainly written by students to share their findings and readings about microbiological issues. The micro-writers are not expected to adopt one theory or another, but they just show what the main ‘dogma’ in microbiology research is.
    Feel free to comment, discuss, and offer more information that you have. Data have always the final word.

  6. Dear Adam Whitely,
    If you read well on the the history of this topic, you would find that there are still more and more theories and ideas which are not mentioned here, I didn’t even notify for them, because I don’t support any of mentioned or not mentioned, it was only a matter of highlighting some ideas which might lead us to think on a different scientific way, and to have another vision on AIDS. Im not adding to the political DOGMA, neither the scientific DOGMA; also Im not a scientist to critisize the transfer of SIV to be HIV, but I think any scientific project starts simply by an idea, which could be a political, ordinary or just an idea.
    Many thanks for your comment, wish you can comment again on further efforts by all of our blog members.

  7. Anthony Thumann says:

    This artical is very interesting and yet at the sametime it leaves us to with many unanswered questions. These question fall apon the medical industry, parmacuticual companies, CIA and the FBI and those so called Christians spreading there hate. A real backgound needs to be done on Dr. Hilary Kaprowski and what was his relationship with Hitler was. What exactly was Dr. Kaprowski doing in South America at the Rockerfeller Insitute. Question need to be answered why did the CIA and FBI and local law inforcement went into places that Homsexual people went spying on themin the 1960d’s and 1970d’s. Someone needs to find out where the doctor is that was arrested in 1983 in New York City for treating people with penicillin that had this illness and put him in Jail for it. There are so many real tangable question not theories that needs to be researched. There has only been two scientist that has explored the Belgium Congo and both of them are dead. The final question needs to be put out there. “Is the AIDS Virous the biological weapon that Hiter and the United States were looking for?

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