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To yet again prove Darwin’s theory, in a new study done in the University of Wisconsin, researchers have discovered that eight hearing-related genes have evolved over a time range of 40,000 years to cope with the ever-changing complex nature of verbal communication between human beings. Some of these changes are as recent as 2000 years ago.

As sound waves enter the ear, stereocilia “shown in orange” move. This movement is converted to electrical signals headed for the brain.

Seven of those genes are concerned with the production of proteins which make up the stereocilia & membranes that surround it. The 8th gene makes up structures which transmit sound waves to the inner ear.

Since communication requires both a talking tongue on one end & an ear capable of hearing on the other, the genetic changes concerning the ear must have favored a portion of the population to become better adapted to the “hearing process”. In any defense, they could have been able to detect on a more precise level, the emotional status of the person behind the spoken words, point out unconfidence in a specific speech, or even seperate out a conversation in the midst of a crowd.

This discovery certainly challenges the idea that languages have emerged from a single mutation which in somehow allowed the tongue to correctly twist, fold up & down, curve around within the buccal cavity & create the familiar sounds we know today.

This shows that not only human evolution has been going on since humans, or even neandertals for that fact, have existed but it continues all for the sake of a more prosperous life on our mother Earth.

Source & Image Credit: Science News

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