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Seriously, these days, no matter where I turn to, there is somebody contracting some form of bacterial infection that turns out to be pretty serious. At the beginning of the new year, a 20-year-old perfectly fit Brazilian model died of what appeared to be a Pseudomonas aeruginosa infection. As far as I know, polymyxins should work like a charm. Sadly, her life ended after enduring the amputation of her limbs and a nephroectomy procedure in an attempt to save her. And now again, rumor has it that Michael Jackson contracted a MRSA infection following a nose job.

Where did the antibiotics go? Is the bacterial resistance way ahead of us that we can’t even keep up? In a field study conducted amongst fellow neighbors & relatives, many did infact admit that they go rushing to their local pharmacies demanding a prescription of antibiotics for a mild flu or a fever of 38 degrees. Not that that is worse enough, they don’t comply to the pharmacist’s orders “if he did infact give an order” to administer it for the full course of the medication.

This should be a warning sign…an alarm triggering off right about now. Developed countries are already facing these problems, we shouldn’t be lingering around. Public awareness campaigns, maybe similar to those concerning the bird flu being aired these days, ought to be held. Our community is in desperate need of our expertise to guide, inform, and advise them about the consequences and potential threats at stake here.

“The window is closing and we’re coming to the end of the antibiotic era,” said J. Glenn Morris Jr., M.D., who heads the division of hospital epidemiology at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, College Park, MD. This was in 1999.

Can we really beat antibiotic resistance? or are bacteria getting the best of us?

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