Center for Disease Control and Prevention
Recently, it has been all over the news in the United States…warning americans about buying tomatoes, pepper, and different kinds of vegetables “They even suggested some pretty clever alternatives” due to a Salmonella outbreak, which made over 1,200 people sick throughout the nation.

Now “after two months of the intial discovery”, the outbreak has been linked to irrigation water contaminating a certain type of pepper at a Mexican farm, stored in a warehouse in Texas. Officials are being blamed now for putting too much spot-light over tomatoes when in fact they did not significantly contribute to the arousal of the problem in the first place. Their hope now would be to discover that the same irrigation water was also used on tomatoes and not just the pepper.

The FDA declares that it IS safe to eat tomatoes and pepper grown in the US, urging consumers to be open and ask their local grocery stores & restaurants about the source of these vegetables. 
For the time being, I would strongly avoid any Mexian salsa 🙂 

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3 Responses to “Souce of Outbreak: Found”
  1. I think this outbreak is mainly related to poor normal flora.

    At birth, the gut is almost sterile. As we grow up and start eating different types of food, clonisation by different bacteria starts.This flora have a very beneficial effect to us as they prevent clonisation by some pathogens, for example, Salmonella.
    Yeah. Sometimes bacteria are just turned into useful creatures acting to protect us!
    In a study, scientists demonstrated that germ-free mice (those who had their flora killed) need 10 Salmonella bacteria to be infected. On the other hand, conventional mice need 10*6 to get an infection.

    As for people in Egypt, they are protected with a much richer normal flora so you can accept any Mexican salsa without any fear!

  2. hhhahaha 🙂
    I might take that advice

    but I definitely agree with you
    I specifically remember that the titer used in the diagnosis of typhoid in Egypt was higher than the one used elsewhere 🙂

  3. […] What about tracing microbes sources as in the Salmonella US outbreak. […]

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